Best Robot Pool Cleaners in 2024


Keeping up with pool maintenance is tedious and time-consuming. But if we neglect, then pools can be the perfect place to accumulate algae and debris which can then become difficult to remove. Debris and algae mess up the pH level of the water and hence cleaning the pool in the most effective way is the only solution to enjoy a pleasant time in your pools. There is a much simpler, eco-friendly and effective solution for pool cleaning that can save both time and money which is ‘Solar pool cleaners.’ Solar-powered pool cleaners are designed to function automatically. They absorb the sun’s rays and convert it into energy that drives the cleaner to detect and remove the presence of debris.

There are two main types of solar pool cleaners: solar pool skimmers and solar ionizers. Both of them are designed to do the same cleaning work but they are considered for two different purposes. In this article we will be examining top 3 solar polar cleaners to understand their functions and features. This review will help the users decide which pool cleaners to buy that will be suitable for their pool. 



EASY TO INSTALL – Instapark Betta is fully automatic pool cleaner and is very easy to install and assemble. The cleaner is completely wireless which reduces the fuss of hose pipes and unnecessary cable connections. This also eliminates the chances of the cleaner getting stuck while cleaning as there is no cables in the pathway. To get the cleaner working the user just has to press the power-on button and drop the cleaner in the pool. 

POWERED ENTIRELY BY SOLAR ENERGY – Instapark Betta is a fully automatic pool cleaner that derives its power from solar energy. The pool cleaner consumes solar energy and converts it into the power that drives the pool cleaner. As the robotic pool cleaner fully relies on solar power, the pool cleaner charges throughout the day. All the energy is contained in the built-in batteries provided within the pool cleaner. If the pool cleaner runs out of power while cleaning then it will automatically locate the sun to charge itself. As the cleaner is fully autonomous, the user won’t have to check the pool cleaner constantly which is a big relief. This innovative feature saves energy while providing maximum performance. An indicator is present on the device that emits red light when there’s no charge in the pool cleaner.

SOLAR PANEL – Instapark consists of a solar panel situated at the top of the pool cleaner that converts the sun’s energy into power that drives the pool cleaner. The solar panel is made from high grade wear resistant ETFE material to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. The ETFE material covers up to 21% of the solar panel surface that protects the solar panel and makes the solar panel safe, durable to make it last longer.

BODY DESIGN – Being in constant exposure to sun’s rays doesn’t cause any harm to the cleaner because it’s designed from UV-resistant material that keeps the pool cleaner safe. The UV-resistant material protects the cleaner and repels away the damaging rays of the sun. 

NAVIGATION – The navigational ability of Instapark Betta is controlled by the radar sensors for an effective cleaning. Instapark possess high functioning navigation capabilities for quick and swift cleaning. Ultrasonic radar sensors detect the surface contaminants and direct the pool cleaner in order to clean it. With the presence of the built-in sensors the brushless motor propels the pool cleaner to drive forward at a constant rate. The cleaner automatically changes course whenever it hits walls to save time and battery power. 

FILTRATION EFFICIENCY – Its no doubt that Instapark Betta comes with the ability to accumulate and clean huge amount of debris. The large capacity debris basket is capable of collecting large and small contaminants present on the pool surface. The debris basket comes equipped with a handle and a unique upper removal for easy lifting. This allows the user to easily lift the basket out and to place it back into the pool cleaner. The basket with its fine mesh filter entraps the debris and doesn’t allow the debris to fall back into the pool. 

REMOTE CONTROL – The wireless remote control comes with two cleaning modes which the user can choose from. The two modes are ‘Automatic mode’ and ‘Manual mode’. The remote offers complete control of the pool to the user and the user can decide according to his/her preferences. 

EASY MAINTENANCE – Maintaining the pool cleaner becomes an easy job as the cleaner is completely wireless and compact in size. The debris basket has to be cleaned so that the cleaner can work smoothly during next cleaning session. Pop and lift the basket with the help of the handle, rinse the contents of the basket and place it back. After cleaning the pool cleaner can be conveniently stored without consuming much of a space.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy installation
  • Powered 100% by solar energy
  • UV resistant body
  • Solar panel protected by ETFE material to promote longevity
  • Large capacity filtration system
  • Ultrasonic radar sensors for smooth navigation
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not to be used in saltwater pools
  • Can’t climb walls
  • Can be used only on pool surface

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EASY TO USE – Remington solar pool ionizer is easy to operate. Being completely wireless it doesn’t need any additional cable connection. Just power-on and drop it in the pool to get the cleaner working. The cleaner works automatically as soon as dropped in the pool. 

CAN BE USED IN ALL POOL TYPES – A great feature of Remington Solar pool ionizer is that it can handle all types of pools. It can work in above ground as well as in-ground pools. It can also be used in saltwater or non-saltwater pools. Also, it works in pools up to 25,000 gallons which is an impressive factor to consider. No matter the pool type, Remington is ready to work it in all. Remington ionizer strives for a clear pool and it also offers the same. 

DERIVES POWER FROM SOLAR ENERGY – Going by the name it is already understood that Remington pool ionizer works on solar energy. Remington device uses a set of solar cells to generate a low-wattage electrical current that is linked to a copper tube which then creates copper and silver ions in the water. These ions effectively eliminate algae and bacteria in the pool. These ions are all generated by solar power. Remington ionizer thus is environment friendly but highly effective. 

REDUCES CHLORINE INTAKE – With Remington pool ionizer you won’t have to use a large amount of chlorine and pile up your costs. The ionizer reduces chlorine usage by whopping 85% which is hardly available with any other pool ionizer out there in the market. Chlorine is a strong cleaning product that can be generally harmful for people’s health especially young children who sometime tend to swallow the pool water. Continued exposure to chlorine can be proven dangerous for the skin and overall health. Henceforth, investing in Remington Solar’s chlorine-free device seems a better and healthier option for pool cleaning. 

CLEANING ABILITIES – Remington is a solar ionizer that uses solar energy to operate. It consists of a copper tube that creates copper and silver ions by using a set of solar cells. These ions get rid of all the existing algae and bacteria. Its 20-year proven technology easily removes microbes and algae from the water of your swimming pool. The ions attack and thoroughly eliminates the debris for a clean and sparkling pool.  

EASY MAINTENANCE – Remington pool ionizer is compact and extremely lightweight which makes it really convenient to carry. A cleaning brush has been provided with the ionizer in order to clean the ionizer. 


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean with the included brush
  • Operates entirely through solar energy
  • 12-month warranty
  • Reduces 85% chlorine intake
  • Works in all pool types including saltwater and non-saltwater pool
  • Can’t climb pool walls 

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EASY TO USE – CopperFlo solar pool ionizer is powered by solar energy and hence is completely wireless. Being wireless it becomes extremely easy to use due to the fact that the user doesn’t need to fit in any hoses or make any sort of unnecessary cable connection. The ionizer is completely ready to use from the moment you unbox. Power-on the button and drop the ionizer in the pool to see it working. 

POWERED ENTIRELY BY SOALR ENERGY – As the name suggests, CopperFlo works entirely by solar energy. The solar panel situated on the top of the ionizer collects the sun rays to convert it in the power that drives the ionizer. The copper anode situated inside the ionizer creates copper and silver ions into the water which is created through solar cells and these ions reduce the growth of algae and bacteria to keep the pool shining and healthy for use.  

SUITABLE FOR ALL POOL TYPE – Another interesting feature of CopperFlo is that it’s made for large capacity pools. CopperFlo can cover up to 45,000-gallon pools whether its an above-ground pool or in-ground pool. It also works in saltwater pool systems and doesn’t harm the pool surface. It even works in pools with vinyl floor liner. 

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – CopperFlo pool ionizer is designed with highest quality solar panel that is intended to last for many years. The large capacity copper anode is created with new patented technology that generates 25% extra ions for an overall deep cleaning. The body of CopperFlo ionizer is scratch resistant and is built to remain sturdy and durable. 

REDUCED CHLORINE INTAKE – CopperFlo device reduces total chlorine intake up to 85% than other solar pool ionizers. No longer need to add chemicals in your pool as CopperFlo keeps the pH level of the water stable by keeping the chlorine consumption at minimum. 

CLEANING ABILITIES – The device uses the power of the sun to create ions underwater. The underwater ion-disturbing anode distributes copper and silver ions in the pool water to totally eliminate the growth of algae and debris. The navigation becomes super smooth as the device is completely wireless. 

CONVENIENT MAINTENANCE – Handling the device becomes comfortable as it is lightweight and compact. A free Buddy Band has been provided with the ionizer to protect the device from unwanted scratches and bumps. CopperFlo guarantees a lifetime replacement warranty which offers free replacement for first year and only 50% sales price after the first year. 


Pros & Cons

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Copper anode created with newly patented technology
  • High quality solar panel to last longer
  • Completely wireless
  • Includes Buddy Band for protection against scratches
  • The copper anode needs to be replaced after two years

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Technical Specifications

Pool TypeWorks in both in-ground and above-ground poolsBoth in-ground and above-ground poolsIn-ground and above-ground pools
Brand NameInstapark BettaRemington SolarCopperFlo
Pool SizeMedium to LargeWorks in all pool sizesWorks in all pool size
Pool water typeFresh waterWorks even in saltwater or chlorine poolsWorks on chlorine and salt pools
Cable connectionNo cable connectionNo cable connectionNo cable connection
Cord lengthAbsentAbsentAbsent
PowerDerived from solar energyDerived from solar energyDerived from solar energy
Suction powerVacuums up to 40,000 gallons of waterVacuums 22,000 gallons of waterVacuums 45,000 gallons of water
Pool ionizerNoYesYes
Pool surfaceWorks mostly on all type of surfacesWorks on all type of pool surfaceWorks even in pool with vinyl liner
Easy to installYesYesYes
Cleaning abilitiesCleans with the presence of radar sensorsCreates ions from solar energy to destroy debrisCreates ions from solar energy to destroy debris
Dimensions22 x 19 x 8 inches10.5 x 10 x 7 inches10.91 x 10.28 x 7.68 inches
Cleaner typeAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Coverage areaFloors onlyOnly floorsLimited to only pool floors
Does it climbNoNoNo
ManufacturerInstaparkRemington SolarNo More Green Technologies
Weight14 pounds2 pounds3.8 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)NoneNone
Price rangeUnder 1000$Under 500$Under 500$
Uses less chemicalsYesYesYes
Improves pool clarityYesYesYes
Warranty1 year1 yearLifetime replacement warranty
Scrubbing brushesYesNoNo
Easy to operateYesYesYes
Charge time5-7 hoursNo charge timeNo charge time
Voltage of the anodeAbsent5V5V
Acessory 1Floating skimmerCleaning brushBuddy Band
Acessory 2Manual skimmerNoneNone


In this article we have reviewed top 3 solar pool cleaners that are at top of their cleaning game and deliver spotless clean pool. All the pool cleaners are driven by solar energy and are completely wireless. They are a simpler, eco-friendly, and effective solution that will save you time and money. The pool cleaners are designed to operate automatically and henceforth requires minimal supervision. They detect the presence of debris and efficiently attack to dissolve them completely for a clean shining pool. Before buying them, the user should keep in mind the size and structure of the pool and the purpose for which they are going to need these pool cleaners. Finally, it all depends on the user to decide which pool cleaner to get according to their preferences. 

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