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Dolphin C3 vs C4 Review | Pros & Cons

It’s no doubt that a pool is well liked by all, young and old alike. A dip in the pool is always a refreshing experience. And to maintain that refreshing experience, pools have to cleaned regularly to keep it fresh and healthy for further use. Cleaning the pool manually can be quite a tedious task. So, how to keeps one’s pool clean without manually investing in it? The answer is plain and simple: Robotic pool cleaners! Robotic pool cleaners are specifically designed to clean the pool better and faster than the traditional pool cleaners. They are durable and very easy to use. In this article we are going to talk about two such robotic pool cleaners belonging to the same company and will be comparing them according to the features they possess. 


Let us now have a quick look at the distinctive features and functions of both the robotic pool cleaners. 

ParameterDolphin C3Dolphin C4
Dimensions23.6 x 20 x 19.5 inches23 x 20 x 19 inches
Weight50.7 pounds54 pounds
Easy installationYesYes
Easy startYesYes
Pool cleaner typeRoboticRobotic
Ideal for pool typeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Pool sizeUp to 50 FtUp to 68 feet
Pool surfaceGunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassGunite/Plaster, Vinyl, Fiberglass
Cleaning coverageFloor, Walls, WaterlineFloor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning modeStandard and quickStandard, quick and enhanced
Cleaning cyclesQuick - 1 hour Standard - 2.5 hoursQuick - 1 hour, Standard - 2.5 hours, Enhanced - 3.5 hours
Mobile appNilMyDolphin
Filter TypeFine, Ultra FineFine (90µ) and ultra-fine (50µ)
Filter DescriptionCartridge, Top-loadCartridge, Top-load
Number of brushesTwoTwo
Active brushesZeroOne
NavigationSmart NavigationSmart Navigation
Cable length60 feet68 feet
Anti-tangle swivel cableYesYes
Smartphone capabilitiesNoYes
Remote controlNoYes
Weekly schedulingYesYes
Full bag indicatorYesYes
Delay modeYesYes
Cycle selectorYesYes
PriceUnder $1500Under $2000
Warranty24 months24 months


EASY TO USE – The best part about Dolphin C3 and C4 robotic pool cleaners is that they are easy to install and use. The user doesn’t have to fuss about any additional installation. The user only has to plug in and drop the machine in the pool. The user doesn’t even have to look after the pool cleaner once it is in the pool. After dropping it in the pool, the pool cleaner does its job accordingly.

ANTI-TANGLE SWIVEL – Dolphin C3 and C4 pool cleaners are designed to deliver effective performance. Both the pool cleaners come with anti-tangle swivel to ensure that the pool cleaner doesn’t encounter any hinderance while cleaning. Anti-tangle swivel is present in the pool cleaner to prevent the machine getting tripped upon itself. DolphinC3 robotic pool cleaner is equipped with 360-degrees swivel cable which allows the pool cleaner to move around the pool freely. The cable enables the pool cleaner to turn 180-degress without causing any sort of damage. Dolphin C4 pool cleaner is also equipped with an anti-tangle swivel. It has patented swivel cable to make sure that the pool cleaner can roam in the pool obstacle-free without getting tangled.

FILTERS – A good filter with good cleaning capacity is a crucial trait in a robotic pool cleaner if one demands crystal-clear pool after every cleaning cycle. Filters collect debris from the pool during cleaning to deliver a proper clean. With some pool cleaners filter bags are sold separately while in some pool cleaners filters come with the machine. With the Dolphin pool cleaners’ filters are provided within the machine. Dual filtration system is the common trait in both the pool cleaners. Dolphin C3 and C4 robotic pool cleaners have fine and ultra-fine top load cartridge filters. The dual filters are flexible and can be used in all pool conditions and in all seasons. They are quite capable in collecting debris of all types which includes collecting leaves and fine particles such as sand or pebbles. The filters are large and can store debris of a whole cleaning cycle without an issue. Fine filter is for collecting debris such as leaves, twigs, insects or any other large debris and ultra-fine filter is for collecting minute particles such as sand or small pebbles.

FULL FILTER INDICATOR – An added quality feature in both the pool cleaners is the full filter indicator which is included within the pool cleaners. The full filter indicator indicates the user when the filter bags get full so that the user can clean it before the next cleaning cycle. This feature makes things even smooth for the user to operate the pool cleaner. Most of the times the user forgets to keep a track of cleaning the filters and this feature comes handy and very useful in such situations.

MOTORS – Even if both the robotic pool cleaners are compact in size, they are equipped with powerful heavy-duty motors to provide heavy-duty performance. Dolphin C3 and Dolphin C4 pool cleaners have strong motors with sturdy suction power which filters over 1000 gallons of water per minute to supply fresh and clean water after each cleaning cycle.

CLEANING CYCLE – Along with being automatic, the pool cleaners provide quick cleaning cycle to deliver spotless pool cleaning. Both Dolphin C3 and Dolphin C4 can supply healthy clean water within 2.5 hours. The pool cleaners provide three cleaning cycles which the user can regulate according to his/her preferences. Dolphin C3 pool cleaner provides a quick cleaning cycle of 1 hour and a standard cleaning cycle of 2.5 hours whereas Dolphin C4 provide three cleaning cycles with the cycles being a quick 1 hour, standard 2 hours and an enhanced 3-hour cleaning. The user can regulate the cleaning cycle according to the condition of the pool. Even in a quick cleaning cycle the pool cleaners are well efficient to skillfully clean the whole pool. Each cleaning cycle leaves the pool ultra-clean and fresh.

NAVIGATION – A great working pool cleaner is determined by whether it is capable of cleaning the whole pool without missing a spot. And both Dolphin C3 and C4 pool cleaners prove exactly the same. Their top-notch navigation and mapping system embedded within the pool cleaner ensure that not even a spot is left behind while cleaning the pool. Both the pool cleaners being similar to a certain extent possess CleverClean technology for superior cleaning. CleverClean is an efficient navigation and mapping system that navigates and scans the whole pool to find out the areas around the pool that needs a proper scrub. The software scans the spots and navigates the pool cleaner to the particular spot to clean it. The navigation software is also very well efficient to make the pool cleaner take another route to avoid any obstacles along the way.

SCRUBBING BRUSHES – A fine working scrubbing brush determines whether the pool cleaner will be able to clean the whole pool without leaving a spot. Dolphin C3 has dual scrubbing brushes to elevate the cleaning performance. The scrubbing brushes make sure to scrub each and every part of the pool including the tiles and waterline to give a good scrub. Dolphin C4 has three scrubbing brushes to deliver 3x scrubbing. It includes 2 standard and 1 active brush to vigorously clear out all the stubborn dirt and debris from all the corners of the pool. Scrubbing brushes in the pool cleaners does the actual job of cleaning the pool. They clear out all the contaminants from the pool making the pool look brand new.

POOL TYPE – Both Dolphin C3 and C4 pool cleaners are commercial pool cleaners. Dolphin C3 pool cleaner can clean in-ground pools up to 50 ft whereas Dolphin C4 pool cleaner can clean in-ground pools up to 68 ft. Both the pool cleaners are designed to deliver commercial level pool cleaning.

POOL COVERAGE – Dolphin C3 and C4 commercial pool cleaners provide full pool coverage. Both the pool cleaners are well proficient in cleaning each and every area of the pool. Both Dolphin C3 and C4 pool cleaners are heavy-duty commercial pool cleaners that are well equipped in cleaning the pool’s floor, tiles and waterline to provide a shiny pool after every cleaning cycle. With the special navigation and mapping system present in both the pool cleaners, it makes sure that every nook and corner of the pool is well cleaned. The navigation software scans the pool and directs the pool cleaner to clean those areas to deliver a crystal-clear pool.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES – Along with the basic features Dolphin C3 and C4 pool cleaners provide some more additional features with the pool cleaner for the user. These additional features make things much smoother for the user as it becomes more manageable. Both Dolphin C3 and C4 commercial pool cleaners come with caddy for easier storage. The user doesn’t have to sweat anymore about the storing of the pool cleaning as Dolphin provides a way by including a caddy with the product. Also, Dolphin C4 pool cleaner also comes with a remote to provide some more additional comfort to the user. Remote control feature is absent in Dolphin C3 pool cleaner.

Dolphin C3 User Manual

Dolphin C4 User Manual

WARRANTY – The warranty period for both Dolphin C3 and Dolphin C4 commercial robotic pool cleaners is 2-years. 


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to plug in and use.
  • Present with 360-degree anti-tangle swivel cable.
  • Smart navigation and mapping system with CleverClean technology.
  • Full filter indicator to indicate when the filter bags get full.
  • Dual filtration (fine & ultra-fine) system to provide an overall clean.
  • Dual scrubbing brushes to actively scrub the pool floors, tiles and waterline.
  • Caddy included.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • The cleaner might get little heavy for some user to carry.
  • Might encounter little difficulty while accessing the pool steps.
  • Remote control feature is absent.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Present with anti-tangle swivel cable.
  • CleverClean technology to provide smart navigation around the pool.
  • Three scrubbing brushes with 2 standard and one active brush to give a powerful scrub.
  • Dual filtration (fine & ultra-fine) system.
  • Full filter indicator to indicate the user when the filter bags get full.
  • Caddy included.
  • Can be controlled via remote.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Pool cleaner can be heavy weight for some users.
  • Cleaning the pool steps sometimes can be troubling for the pool cleaner. 



Dolphin C3 and Dolphin C4 commercial robotic pool cleaner are somewhat similar in most of the features and functions but Dolphin C4 being a higher version just adds on one or two features extra than Dolphin C3 pool cleaner. Both the pool cleaner includes anti-tangle swivel, dual filtration, CleverClean technology and full filter indicator. Dolphin C4 has three scrubbing brushes while Dolphin C3 only has two. Dolphin C4 has an extended cycle 3 hours along with a quick 1-hour and standard 2.5 hours cleaning cycle while Dolphin C3 has 1-hour quick cleaning cycle and a standard 2.5 hours cleaning cycle.

Caddy is included with both the pool cleaners which is a good thing as it becomes easier for the user to store the pool cleaner. As both the pool cleaners are around 50 pounds, they can become little heavy to carry out of the pool for some users. Remote control feature is available with DolphinC4 pool cleaner while it can be purchased separately for Dolphin C3 pool cleaner. Both the pool cleaners are easily manageable due to the compact design and is also easy to set up. In short, both Dolphin C3 and C4 commercial robotic pool cleaners are heavy-duty pool cleaners which is highly capable to clean pool efficiently and effectively without making the user sweat. 

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