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Dolphin C3 vs Dolphin Premier Comparison | Pros & Cons

Any pool owner would want to have the best available pool cleaner that they can have in their budget. All the robotic pool cleaners may appear similar to a layman, but that is not true in reality. Different pool cleaners come with different features. Looking at the two models of Dolphin Pool Cleaners, the C3, and the Premier. The C3 is available with the features of a full bag indicator and CleverClean navigation system similarly we have the premier with SmartNav navigation technology and multi-layer filtration system. To choose between these two models one must look at the features of both the cleaners elaboratively. Let us go ahead and look at it!

Technical Specifications 


Dolphin C3

Dolphin Premier

Product Dimensions

23.6 x 20 x 19.5 inches

23.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches

Robot weight

24.6 pounds

22 pounds

Pool size

Up to 50 feet

Up to 50 ft

Cleaning coverage

Floor, walls, and waterline

Floor, walls, and waterline

Filter Type

Cartridge, top-load

Bag/Cartridge, Bottom-load


Fine and ultra-fine


Number of brushes



Full filter Indicator



Caddy included



Cable length 

60 feet

60 feet


2 years

3 years

Cleaning cycle

1 or 2.5 Hours

3 Hours

Swivel Cable



Price Range

Above $1000

Above $1000

Dolphin C3 vs Dolphin Premier Comparison

Build Quality and Look

The dolphin pool cleaners are known to provide efficient cleaning robots. As both cleaners are from the same brand let us start by comparing the different looks of both the cleaners. the Dolphin C3 comes with a classic combination of white and black colour. The shiny bright white covers the entire body of the cleaner and the black is used for the detailing. The Dolphin premier looks very different in comparison to C3, the premier comes in the basic and elegant colour combination of blue and grey colour. The entire body is covered with grey colour and few areas are provided with refreshing blue colour detailing. When looking at the dimensions, the C3 has 23.6 x 20 x 19.5 inches and weighs 24.6 pounds. The dimensions of the premier are 23.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches and weigh 22 pounds.

Both the cleaners are lightly built compared to the competing models. Both have similar look with the handle at the top, but the material of C3 gives it a much more elegant look. Both the cleaners are equipped with tracks instead of separate tires. The tracks provide the cleaners with the extra required grip needed to climb the walls of the pool. The tracks also allow the smooth movement of the cleaner while cleaning. The length of the cable is also the same, both have 60 feet cable which means both cleaners can cover similar sized pools. There hardly lies any difference in both the cleaners in terms of the look, the elegant and futuristic look of C3 is all that makes it a bit more eye-catching rest of the features are similar.

Cleaning Technique

One thing that dolphin pool cleaners never let you down on is the cleaning performance of its pool cleaners. The Premier works on a dual scrubbing brush system. There are two brushes at the front and two at the back to reach corners and angles. The scrubbing brushes are able to loosen bio-film and algae from the surface of the pool before sucking the dirt into the filter. The premier can cover the pool surface of gunite/plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass. The C3 includes two similar scrubbers which also have blades attached to them. The blades can easily scrub off any dirt or algae from the bottom of the pool. The suction inlet of the C3 can remove 4000 gallons per hour, however, in this case, the premier is slightly better as it can remove 4500 gallons every hour. Both the pool cleaners cover the area of pool surface, walls, and the waterline effectively. In terms of cleaning performance, one cannot be disappointed with either of these cleaners. Although they slightly differ in terms of technique both still do their job commendably.

Navigation System

As technology is advancing at the speed of light nowadays, pool cleaners are not left behind. The majority of the pool cleaners come with an in-built navigation system, which is able to control their movement and doesn’t let them wander off aimlessly. The C3 and Premier both come with different navigation systems. The C3 is equipped with CleverClean navigation technology. The CleverClean technology is designed to swiftly scan the swimming pool and gather information regarding the measurements and shape of the pool. With this, the cleaner is sent to a timesaving route by covering the walls and the side area of the pool. It also helps in identifying and avoiding obstacles.

The cleaner is also able to create a new route with every new cleaning cycle. The special algorithm used by the software ensures that the cable cord remains tangle-free. The premier on the other hand uses the SmartNav navigation system. The SmartNav system just requires a few seconds of immersion in the water to be able to scan the area and then plans the area that needs to be cleaned by avoiding obstacles in its way. This navigation system avoids the cleaner to go to the same place which has been already cleaned. None of the cleaners will wander in an indecisive manner in your pool. The navigation systems however different are incredible in their work.

Dolphin C3 User Manual

Dolphin Premier User Manual


User-friendliness is what decides the success of a product. The easier it is to use a product the more chances of them getting recommended to other people. Dolphin brand knows how to keep their cleaners absolutely easy to handle. The swivel cord provided with the cleaners allows for a tangle-free experience. The movement of the cleaners remains swift at the cables do not get tangled. The filter cartridge available in the C3 ensures hassle-free cleaning, they have also done a brilliant job by occupying the cleaner with two filters. As the filter is top-loaded it is easier to access it and clean it. But the top-loaded filter cartridge is not available in Premier.

The premier nonetheless has multiple filter options. The filter options include a bottom-load fine cartridge filter, ultra-fine cartridge filter, and an oversized fine filter bag. Both the cleaners have the element of functioning on a weekly timer. All it requires for you is to just set the number of times you want the cleaner to clean in a week and leave the rest on the cleaner. The cleaning cycle time of a pool cleaner determines how quickly the cleaner will clean the pool. The cleaning cycle time of the C3 is 1 hour to 2 and a half hours, the premier requires a longer cleaning cycle of 3 hours. In the majority of the features, C3 is much easier to use than the premier.

Dolphin C3 Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Top-loading filters, make it easy to clean and access the filters without difficulty
  • CleverClean navigation system technology doesn’t let the cleaner roam around aimlessly, ensures efficient cleaning
  • Has a swivel cable which ensures the free movement of the cleaner in the water without any stoppage due to tangled cables
  • Covers an abundant area of the pool for cleaning, cleans pool surface, walls, and waterline
  • Includes a full bag indicator to making it more user-friendly
  • Has a weekly timer which removes the burden from the owner’s mind to remember when to clean the pool
  • Comes with a caddy, for easy transportation of the cleaner
  • The blades attached to the scrubbing brushes remove the stubborn dirt and algae
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity
  • Gets stuck at the drain of the pool, makes it ineffective in cleaning
  • Higher-end price, the price might seem a lot for the majority of the consumers

Dolphin Premier Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Includes different types of filters ensuring the cleaners pick up all sorts of dirt and debris
  • Comes with the swivel cable which ensures the free movement of the cleaner in the water without any stoppage due to tangled cables
  • The dual scrubbing brushes allows it to clean each curve of the pool
  • The Advanced navigation technology of SmartNav does not let it wander pointlessly, makes it use the efficient route, helps avoid obstacles
  • Includes multiple filter options; the filters are a bottom-load fine cartridge filter, ultra-fine cartridge filter, and an oversized fine filter bag.
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity
  • Doesn’t have a full bag indicator
  • Doesn’t include a top-load cartridge for easy access
  • Does not come with a caddy for easy transportation of the cleaner.


After handing out all the details of both the cleaners you definitely would have been able to understand your needs more properly. Knowing about your pool and what exactly will suit your pool is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a pool cleaner for it. If the requirement is of the easy handle and cares then out of these two above-mentioned cleaners one should definitely go with the C3. The C3 provides the user with a cleaning cycle time of 1 hour to 2 and a half hours which is better compared to the 3 hours cleaning cycle of Premier. The C3 also comes with an easily accessible top-load cartridge. However, if the importance is in terms of better suction rating then Premier should be your choice. Also, if your pool gathers more surface-level algae and debris then the blade attached to the C3 will be helpful in that regard. The decision depends on the requirements of your pool and what you look for in a robotic pool cleaner.

FAQs (Must Read) 

Dolphin Premier

Q. What to do when the Dolphin Premier stops moving?
A. When the cleaner stops moving ensure that the power supply cable is plugged the right way into the power supply. If the power supply cable is properly connected then restart the cleaner by switching off the power supply and turning it back on after 30 seconds.

Q. How much time does it take to clean the pool?
A. The cleaning time depends on two things, the size of the pool and the quantity of debris in the pool. For a small pool, it should take less than 3 hours and for a bigger pool, it will be done in 3 hours.

Q. What to do when the pool cleaner is cleaning only a part of the pool?
A. There could be various reasons for the pool cleaner to be unable to clean the entire pool. You need to check if the cleaner requires more cable length to reach other areas. The handle might need to be adjusted, for full coverage the handle should turn on the floor at 90 degrees.

Q. How to remove the kinks from the cable?
A. To remove the kinks from the cable, you need to stretch the cable out entirely and let it sit for a day in the sun.

Q. Can the pool easily clean the walls and waterline?
A. Yes, the pool cleaner can climb the walls to the waterline with ease because of the tracks that provide grip to it and clean it efficiently. 

Dolphin C3

Q. Does the Dolphin C3 come with a Caddy?
A. Yes, the Dolphin C3 includes a Caddy for easy transportation of the cleaner.

Q. Can the cleaner be taken out of the pool without difficulty?
A. Yes, the cleaner can be taken out without any difficulty if the water is drained out from the cleaner before taking it out.

Q. Can the cleaner automatically shut off after cleaning?
A. Yes, the cleaner will automatically shut off after the cleaning cycle is over.

Q. Can it be kept underwater for days?
A. It is not advisable to keep the cleaner underwater for days, it should be taken out after every use.

Q. Does the cleaner require monitoring while cleaning? Or can it be left unattended?
A. No, the cleaner does not require monitoring while cleaning, it can be left unattended without any tension.

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