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Dolphin Escape vs S50 Comparison & Review | Pros & Cons

Pool owners always want their pool to look fresh and clean but when it comes to cleaning the pool, the users take a setback as pool cleaning can be tiring and time consuming. When thinking of buying a pool cleaner there are many options available in the market which can be confusing to the users. So, what to go for when one needs a fresh and clean pool without breaking a sweat? The answer is quite simple: Robotic pool cleaners!  Robotic pool cleaners come handy for those pool owners who always want a fresh pool but are lazy enough to do the required work to maintain it. Robotic pool cleaners do an excellent job in cleaning the pool without worrying the pool owner. In this article we will overviewing two robotic pool cleaners of the same company and will be discussing about the features and functions both the pool cleaner possess. 


Let us have a quick view at the technical specificities and features both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaners contain.

ParameterDolphin EscapeDolphin S50
Weight14 pounds13.8 pounds
ColorWhite and blueWhite and blue
Easy installationYesYes
Easy startYesYes
Pool cleaner typeRoboticRobotic
Ideal for pool typeAbove GroundAbove Ground
Pool sizeup to 30 ftup to 30 ft
Pool surfaceAllAll
Cleaning coverageFloor onlyFloor only
Cleaning modeStandardStandard
Cleaning cycles1.5 hours1.5 hours
Mobile appNilNil
Filter TypeFineSingle-level filtration with fine filters
Filter DescriptionBasket, Top-loadBasket, Top-load
Additional filterNoYes
Number of brushesOneOne
Active brushesOneOne
Cable length40 Ft40 Ft
Anti-tangle swivel cableNoNo
Smartphone capabilitiesNoNo
Remote controlNoNo
Weekly schedulingNoNo
Full bag indicatorNoNo
Delay modeNoNo
Cycle selectorNoNo
Warranty2 years2 years


POOL TYPE – Both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaners are an above ground pool cleaner. They can clean above ground pools of size up to 30 ft.

CABLE LENGTH – A great feature in both the pool cleaners is the presence of long cables. Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 have 40 ft long cable with anti-tangling properties. Even though there is an absence of an anti-tangle swivel, the long cable present in the pool cleaner ensures that the pool cleaner doesn’t get tangled while cleaning. The non-tangle cables present in other pool cleaners becomes an annoyance to the pool owners as the cleaners tend to stop while cleaning the pool as they get   entangled. The 40 ft long cable in Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 prevent this situation from happening.

SUCTION POWER – Even though both the pool cleaners are compact in size, they possess strong suction power. Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner has a suction power of 4000 GPH whereas Dolphin S50 also has a suction power around 4000 GPH. That means both the cleaners vacuum thousands of galloons of water per hour to provide an overall clean to the pool. The strong suction present in both the pool cleaners effectively vacuums the pool’s water to deliver fresh water after every cleaning cycle.

SCRUBBING BRUSHES – Along with strong suction power, powerful scrubbing brushes are also needed to scrub the dirt and debris from the pool. The suction will vacuum the pool water to clean the water but the real dirt and gunk settles on the pool floors which has to be properly cleaned otherwise can be dangerous. Dolphin Escape with its dual scrubbing brush provides dual action which removes all types of debris from the pool surface. The HyperBrush of Dolphin Escape spins faster to clog off the remaining dirt and bacteria from the pool. Dolphin S50 contain active brush which rotates swiftly to detach the gunk and algae which sticks to the pool’s floor to deliver a clear and healthy pool. Scrubbing brushes in a pool cleaner does the real cleaning job and Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 both own tough brushes to give a crystal-clear pool.

FILTERS – After the scrubbing process all those dirt and debris has to be collected to ensure proper cleaning. The filters meant to collect the gunk has to big enough to collect all the debris after scrubbing the whole pool. Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaner has been provided with fine filtration system with top-load filter. Dolphin Escape pool cleaner has been furnished with massive top-load filter to collect large size debris like leaves, twigs, etc. Also, an interesting feature to note that Dolphin Escape has filter cartridges and not filter bags. The user will not have to worry about handling those messy filter bags which is usually available with other pool cleaners. The filter cartridges provided with Dolphin Escape collects all the fine debris with ease. The cartridges are also easy to clean. The user just has to remove, rinse the dirt off and put it back for the next cleaning. Dolphin S50 also has fine filtration system to collect large size debris. It has large basket size top-load filter which can collect a whole pool’s waste in one cleaning to deliver top-notch cleaning.

CLEANING TIME – The users of Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaner don’t have to wait for long hours to get their pool cleaned. Both the pool cleaners finish off their job within 1.5 hours. That’s all the time they require to give a splendid looking pool after cleaning cycle. Weekly schedulers are absent in both the pool cleaners. The standard cleaning time for both the pool cleaners is 1.5 hours.

POOL COVERAGE – As both the pool cleaners can be used in pools only up to 30 ft, that makes very little area to clean for the pool cleaner. Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 pool cleaners can clean above-ground pools of any type of surface. They are limited only to cleaning pool floors. They can go around to clean each and every area of the pool’s floor but they can’t climb the walls to clean as they are not designed for cleaning pool walls.

NAVIGATION – Another great feature of both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 pool cleaners is their smart navigation and mapping system. Both the robotic pool cleaners are furnished with swift technology to deliver a spotless looking pool after every cleaning. Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner possess SmartNav technology for smart and efficient cleaning. SmartNav maps and scans the whole pool to detect the faulty areas which need proper cleaning and then directs the pool cleaner to clear those areas. The software also scans the obstacle areas in the pool so that the pool cleaner doesn’t get stuck while cleaning. Dolphin S50 is equipped with CleverClean and as the name suggests, the software delivers clever cleaning. Its clever mapping system scans the whole pool for the pool cleaner and then navigates it accordingly. The software even detects the best route for the pool cleaner to clean.

CONTINOUS TRACKS IN DOLPHIN ESCAPE – When the pool cleaner sits on the pool floor during the whole cleaning cycle, sometimes it tends to slip due to all the slime present on the pool surfaces. To avoid this situation, Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner is fitted with continuous rubber tracks to ensure that the cleaning doesn’t stop at any costs. Its HyperGrip rubber tracks doesn’t slip off and stay put during the whole cleaning. The HyperGrip tracks even climbs the pool’s walls without any issue to provide an overall clean to the pool.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – Along with providing powerful cleaning the pool cleaners make sure that they don’t consume excess energy. Both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 pool cleaners operate on less energy than traditional pool cleaners.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaners are fairly lightweight. They are around 14lbs which makes it much easier to carry for every kind of users. Along with being lightweight they are also compact in size which again becomes easy to manage for the user.

REMOTE CONTROL/ SMARTPHONE CONNECTION – Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaners can’t be connected via remote or smartphones. Both these features are absent in the pool cleaners.

WARRANTY – Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner has a warranty period of 1 year whereas Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaner is backed by 2 years warranty period. 

Dolphin Escape

Dolphin S50 User Manual


After going through the brief overview about the features and functions of both the pool cleaners let us now have a glance at their pros and cons. 


Pros & Cons

  • Energy efficient.
  • Ha 40 ft long cable to provide hassle-free navigation to the pool cleaner.
  • SmartNav technology for efficient cleaning.
  • Continuous HyperGrip rubber tracks to ensure slip-free navigation to the pool cleaner.
  • Dual HyperBrush scrubbing brushes
  • Massive top-load filter cartridges to store all the waste which are also easy to clean
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Easily manageable by the user.
  • Weekly scheduler is absent.
  • No remote control or smartphone feature.
  • Can become little heavy while removing the cleaner from the pool.
  • Can be used only for small-sized pools.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • No need to connect to an external pool pump.
  • Top-loading filter with fine filtration system.
  • Active scrubbing brushes to actively scrub off the dirt and debris off the pool surface.
  • CleverClean technology for effective and efficient cleaning.
  • Cleans the corners of the pool’s floor.
  • Lightweight and compact in size.
  • No weekly scheduler.
  • No remote control and smartphone connection.
  • Can’t climb pool’s floor. Only limited to cleaning the pool’s floor.
  • Doesn’t include a caddy.
  • Can be used only for small-sized pools.



The final comment on both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 robotic pool cleaners is that both are top-level pool cleaner. Both the pool cleaners are designed to clean above-ground pools of size up to 30 ft. Both Dolphin Escape and Dolphin S50 pool cleaners are packed with smart features to deliver top-notch performance. The pool cleaners are lightweight and compact in size which becomes easy for the users to manage. The users can easily pick up the pool cleaners to drop in and carry out of the pool. The filtration system along with scrubbing brushes are well designed to effectively clean the pool in the designated cleaning time.

The filters are not like bags but cartridges and basket which can be easily cleaned and installed back into the pool cleaner for the next cleaning time. Also, both the pool cleaners are equipped with smart navigation and mapping technology. SmartNav technology of Dolphin Escape and CleverClean of Dolphin S50 ensures smart cleaning for spotless looking pool. Although there is an absence of an anti-tangle swivel the long 40 ft cable provided with the pool cleaners are well enough to ensure that pool cleaner doesn’t get entangled while cleaning. The long cable provides smooth navigation for the pool cleaner. Dolphin Escape has HyperGrip rubber tracks specifically fitted to make sure that the pool cleaner doesn’t slip and stay intact during the operation. In all, both these above-ground robotic pool cleaners are the best buy one can get while looking for a small sized pool cleaner for an effective cleaning. 

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