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Dolphin Sigma vs C3 Review | Pros & Cons

Everyone prefers and dreams of having their own pool at the backyard of their house. Pools are everyone favourite place to hop in. A pool party never goes unattended. But many people don’t like the hassle when it comes to cleaning their pool on their own. People often become lazy and try to put off cleaning their pools, as it’s obvious that it’s not a fun thing to do in your free time. So, what is the remedy? The remedy is robotic pool cleaners! Robotic pool cleaners are game-changers when it comes to pool cleaning. They do all the work on their own leaving the owner to relax while watching their pool getting spotlessly cleaned. In this article we will look at two robotic pool cleaner of Dolphin company and will have a glance at their designs, functions and general specificities. Also, we will look at their overall performance. 


Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin C3 commercial are both robotic pool cleaners designed to deliver perfect cleaning every time you use it. Let’s have a quick glance at their technical features in detail.

ParameterDolphin sigmaDolphin C3
Dimensions23.23 x 19.76 x 13.46 inches23.6 x 20 x 19.5 inches
Weight35 pounds50.7 pounds
ColorWhite and blueWhite
Easy installationYesYes
Easy startYesYes
Number of motorsThreeTwo
Voltage24 volts24 volts
Pool cleaner typeRoboticRobotic
Ideal for pool typeIn-GroundIn-Ground
Pool sizeUp to 50 FtUp to 50 Ft
Pool surfaceGunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassGunite/Plaster, Vinyl, Fiberglass
Cleaning coverageFloor, Walls, WaterlineFloor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning modeStandardStandard and quick
Cleaning cycles2.5 HoursQuick - 1 hour Standard - 2.5 hours
Mobile appMyDolphin PlusNil
Filter TypeFine, Ultra FineFine, Ultra Fine
Filter DescriptionCartridge, Top-loadCartridge, Top-load
Number of brushesTwoTwo
Active brushesZeroZero
NavigationSmart NavigationSmart Navigation
Cable length60 feet60 feet
Anti-tangle swivel cableYesYes
Smartphone capabilitiesYesNo
Remote controlYesNo
Weekly schedulingYesYes
Full bag indicatorNoYes
Delay modeNoYes
Cycle selectorNoYes
CaddyNot IncludedIncluded
PriceUnder $1500Under $1500
Warranty36 Months Limited24 months


EASY TO USE – Both Dolphin sigma and Dolphin C3 robotic pool cleaners are quick to set up and use. They are both designed to provide hands-off and hassle-free cleaning. The user will just have to buy the cleaner and have to plug in and use, its that easy. It is one of the best features of robotic pool cleaners where the user doesn’t have to fuss over the installation process but instead just has to plug in and watch the pool cleaner doing its work.

FILTERS – As Dolphin sigma robotic pool cleaner is equipped with massive top-loading cartridge filters, the user has no additional work of cleaning any messy bags. The filters on their own are quite capable of trapping all types of stubborn dirt and debris from the pool to deliver a clean swimming pool. It has two types of filters (dual filtration) out of which one is fine filter for collecting large size debris such as leaves, twigs and pebbles and the other one ultra-fine is for small debris like algae, sand, and dust. Even Dolphin C3 commercial robotic pool cleaner is equipped with large dual filtration system (fine and ultra-fine) that are suited for all types of pool in all conditions and seasons. The main feature of the cleaner is the caddy and cartridge filters that collects debris such as hair, insects, leaves, sand, etc to give that overall spotless clean to your pool.

ANTI-TANGLE SWIVEL – The robot pool cleaners stay true to their word when they preach about hassle-free cleaning. Both the cleaners are provided with anti-tangle swivel to help navigate the pool cleaner better around the pool so that the cleaner doesn’t encounter any kind of hinderance while its on its cleaning routine. Dolphin sigma pool cleaner comes with its patented 360-degree swivel that permits the cleaner to clean the pool withing getting into any kind of obstacles. In the Dolphin C3 pool cleaner the swivel cable is absent but it comes with anti-tangle feature enclosed within the machine to deliver the tangle-free cleaning as promised.

NAVIGATION – Navigation becomes quite easy for both of these pool cleaners due to their smart navigation technology. The Dolphin sigma pool cleaner uses SmartNav 3.0 and Mapping system. This cleaner is updated to the latest version, its SmartNav 3.0 scans the whole pool with its smart mapping system and delivers a precise pool cleaning. The SmartNav 3.0 indicates the cleaner about the places it has cleaned and the places which are left to clean. This ensures that every square inch of the pool is cleaned thoroughly. The cleaner is also equipped with Gyroscopic navigation system which provides location awareness to the pool cleaner. 

The Dolphin C3 pool cleaner is furnished with smart CleverClean technology to provide hassle-free navigation. The CleverClean makes use of intelligent navigation and scanning system with the help of advanced algorithms that enables the pool cleaner to clean the pool without encountering any hurdles in its way. 

MOTOR – The Dolphin sigma has not one, not two, but three powerful 24V DC motors. This is an impressive feature in Dolphin sigma. It has three high RPM commercial grade DC motors. The powerful motor enables the cleaner to move around the pool quickly and has splendid suction power of around 4500 GPH. Even though the cleaner has powerful motor, it doesn’t need that much energy. These 24V DC motors consume 87% less energy than the traditional AC motors. The Dolphin C3 pool cleaner has two robust motor embedded in the machine to ensure heavy-duty cleaning and long-term cleaning performance. The suction power of Dolphin C3 pool cleaner is around thousands of gallons of water per minute to efficiently deliver clean water.

SCRUBBING BRUSHES – Both of these pool cleaners possess powerful scrubbing brushes. Dolphin sigma has dual split scrubbing brushes that grips tight and removes the toughest dirt and debris from the pool effectively. Even Dolphin C3 pool cleaner contains dual scrubbing brushes that powerfully scrubs and gets rid of algae, sand and all other type of dirt and debris from the pool leaving a healthy pool after every clean.

CLEANING FEATURES – The Dolphin sigma robotic pool cleaner has programmable weekly scheduler with an auto-cleaning schedule. The user can run the scheduler automatically as the user prefers whether its twice, thrice or daily in the week. The weekly scheduler keeps the pool clean and ready to use anytime. The Dolphin C3 pool cleaner delivers healthy water back into the pool in just 2.5 hours. No matter how much dirty the pool is, Dolphin C3 pool cleaner does its job.

POOL TYPE – Dolphin sigma pool cleaner is designed to navigate freely around large residential in-ground pools up to 50 feet easily without any effort. This cleaner can work on any type of pool with any type of surface. The Dolphin C3 is a commercial robotic pool cleaner ideal for pools up to 50 feet. The user can get a commercial level of cleaning with the help of this robotic pool cleaner.

POOL COVERAGE – The best thing about both the pool cleaners is that it’s designed to clean all types of pool with any type of surface. Both Dolphin sigma and Dolphin C3 robot pool cleaners provide a thorough clean to the pool and navigates around the pool smoothly. Both the pool cleaners are quite capable of cleaning and scrubbing the pool’s floor, walls, and even the waterline to deliver a clean and sparkly looking swimming pool.

ENERGY SAVER – Out of both the cleaners Dolphin Sigma consumes less energy. It has powerful motors to deliver powerful and robust cleaning but while doing the work, Dolphin sigma makes sure to consume very less energy. Dolphin Sigma has triple motors of 24V but it consumes 87% less energy. The energy consumption is relatively less compared to the traditional pool cleaners.

WARRANTY – The Dolphin sigma robot pool cleaner is backed by 3-year quality assurance and Dolphin C3 commercial robot pool cleaner is backed by 2-year quality assurance.

Dolphin Sigma User Manual

Dolphin C3 User Manual

OVERALL PERFORMANCE – In terms of performance both the pool cleaners do an impressive job of cleaning the pool but Dolphin Sigma may have an upper hand here in comparison to Dolphin C3 pool cleaner. Both the cleaners have smart navigation and mapping but Dolphin Sigma is additionally equipped with Gyroscope feature which provides an added benefit to the cleaner. Also, Dolphin sigma can be connected to phones via Bluetooth whereas Dolphin C3 doesn’t have this feature. 


As we have briefly glanced upon the technical and overall features of both the pool cleaners, lets now dive into pros and cons of both the pool cleaners. 


Pros & Cons

  • One of the best features in this cleaner is triple motors. Triple motors provide 3x performance.
  • Smart mapping and navigation with gyroscopic feature make this cleaner stand out from rest of the pool cleaners.
  • No fear of the machine getting tangled due to the 360-degree swivel.
  • Dual filtration system for better cleaning every time.
  • Large sized cartridges which don’t required to be cleaned frequently.
  • Works on all types of pool
  • Easy to set up. The user just has to plug in and use.
  • Scrubs and cleans all types of dirt and debris easily.
  • The cleaner is not light weighted. The cleaner weighs 35 pounds which makes it little bit heavy for some user.
  • The cleaner also might encounter a little difficulty while cleaning the pool steps.  


Pros & Cons

  • Works in all types of pool.
  • Efficiently cleans all the surfaces of the pool including the waterline.
  • Doesn’t has a swivel but has anti-tangle algorithm to provide hassle-free cleaning.
  • Has dual filtration system (fine and ultra-fine) with top-load cartridge filters.
  • CleverClean technology for smart navigation and cleaning.
  • Easy to set up
  • Cleans up leaves, twigs, sand and all types of debris efficiently.
  • The cleaner weighs around 50 pounds which makes it heavy for some user to carry.
  • Might experience some trouble while cleaning the pool’s steps. 



The final verdict is that both these pool cleaners are impressive and splendid pool cleaners designed to effectively clean all types of swimming pools. Dolphin C3 pool cleaner delivers commercial type of pool cleaning. Dolphin sigma is lightweight than Dolphin C3 pool cleaner. Dolphin sigma pool cleaner is equipped with Gyroscope feature which is absent in Dolphin C3 pool cleaner. This feature provides advanced cleaning and also enhances navigation and mapping system. Both the clearers are automatic and easy to set up.

The user just has to plug in the machine, no additional installation is required. The user can sit back and relax meanwhile the cleaner does the job. The pool cleaners with their smart mapping system scans the pool and make sure that no area of the pool is left uncleaned. The software precisely scans the places which needs cleaning and directs the pool cleaners to do the job accordingly. In all, both Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner and Dolphin C3commercial robotic pool cleaner are the best buy when looking for an effective pool cleaner. 

If both the pool cleaners are out of your budget, then you can also give a try to the “more affordable” Dolphin Cayman pool Cleaner.

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