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Dolphin sigma vs Polaris 9550 Comparison | Pros & Cons

As the competition among the different pool cleaners keeps on rising all the brands are on their toe to include the latest features in their pool cleaner. The all-time user-friendly brand Dolphin and Polaris are not away from this competition. The Polaris 9550 with its Solid blade scrubbing and ActivMotion navigation system is all fit to go head-to-head with the Dolphin Sigma with its onboard gyroscope and SmartNav navigation features. As both the cleaners offer incredible features it becomes difficult for the consumers to decide what to buy. To help make the decision easier for the users here we bring a detailed comparison between these two models.

Technical Specifications


Dolphin Sigma

Polaris 9550

Product Dimensions

23 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches

22 x 22 x 22 inches

Product Weight

35 pounds

43.6 pounds

Pool surface type

Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, Fiberglass

All pool surfaces

Remote control

Smartphone app 

Handheld remote

Cable length

60 feet

70 feet

Navigation System




Hypergrip tracks

Aqua-Trax tires

Scrubbing brushes

Dual scrubbing brushes

solid-blade scrubbing brush

Pool Size

Upto 50 feet

Upto 60 feet




Swivel Cable



Dirty Canister Indicator



Waterline Scrubbing




3 years

2 years

Gyroscope Onboard



Price Range

Above $1000

Above $1000

Dolphin sigma vs Polaris 9550 Comparison

Build Quality and Look               

The difference can be easily spotted just by the looks of both the cleaners. The Polaris 9550 can be seen with four Aqua-Trax tires in the eye-catching colour combination of black and blue. The colour combination gives an exclusive look to the cleaner. The Dolphin Sigma on the other hand comes with HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks instead of tires. The colour combination of white and blue gives it a refreshing look and can grab anyone’s attention. The dimensions of the Polaris 9550 are 22 x 22 x 22 inches with a weight of 43.6 pounds. The Sigma has dimension of 23 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches and a weight of 35 pounds. Both the pool cleaners are heavily built, however the lighter among the two is clearly Sigma. The cleaners will prove to be difficult to handle in terms of taking it out of the pool due to the heavily built quality. Both the cleaners come with long cable lengths with Sigma having 50 feet long cable and Polaris 9550 having a 60 feet long cable. The extra 10 feet length given in Polaris 9550 gives it an additional benefit of being suitable for larger pools compared to Sigma.

Cleaning Technique

As both the cleaners come from different brands, they have different cleaning techniques. The sigma comes equipped with a dual brushing system. There are two brushes at the front and two at the back to reach corners and angles. Both of them cover the pool surface. The sigma also consists of an additional brush that is included in the center of the Sigma, it ensures further cleaning.  The scrubbing brushes are able to loosen bio-film and algae from the surface of the pool before sucking the dirt into the filter for effective cleaning. Whereas, the Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic pool cleaner is equipped with two rubber bladed brush rollers that assist in utilising the Vortex Vacuum Technology. The Vortex Vacuum technology helps in capturing the dirt and debris with a capability that lets it collect 4 times more debris than the competitive cleaners. The similarity lies in the cleaning coverage area covered by both of these pool cleaners. Both of them can cover the pool surface, walls, and waterline. The Polaris 9550 also includes a waterline-only cleaning option which allows for isolated tile line scrubbing. 

Navigation System

The navigation system varies a lot in both the cleaners as both the cleaners come from different brands. The sigma uses the navigation system of SmartNav. The SmartNav system is of the latest technology all it requires is a few seconds of immersion in the water to be able to scan the area and then plans the area that needs to be cleaned by avoiding obstacles in its way. This navigation system avoids the cleaner to go to the same place which has been already cleaned. The latest version of the navigation system allows the cleaner to be operated via Bluetooth on a smartphone after installing the MyDoplphin application. In this scenario, the connected phone becomes the remote that can control the cleaner.

The Polaris 9550 on the other hand uses the navigation system of ActivMotion Sensor Technology. ActivMotion Sensor Technology provides the cleaner with unrivaled navigation. The feature is known to robotically position itself at any instant and safeguard complete cleaning coverage. The handheld remote control which comes with the Polaris 9550 has a motion-sensing feature, it directs the cleaner to a specific place by pointing out the remote in that direction.


The ease of using the products differs in both the cleaners. The Polaris 9550 includes a feature of an easy lift system. This easy lift system makes it easy for the user to take out the cleaner out of the pool despite it being a heavily built cleaner. To use this feature, you need to press the button of the lift system which makes the robot climb all the way to the waterline till the time you remove it. The sigma does not include this feature. The feature of an onboard gyroscope is included in the sigma, the Gyroscope mobility system targets alignment as well as the slant. The gyroscope can monitor angular velocity around the 3-axis of rotation namely – roll, pitch, and yaw, by this means ensures better performance. When looking at the filters, the sigma consists of two top-loading cartridges ensuring a mess-free cleaning.

One doesn’t need to figure out the location of the cleaning filters, all they require is just removing the filter from the top part of the cleaner. The removal of the filter is not the only easy part, the cleaning of the filter is also quite easy and less time-consuming. It just requires a rinse to remove all the collected particles from the filter. The Polaris 9550 is not held back in its filter usage. The canister provided in the Polaris is also top-loading and easily accessible. The capacity of the filter is also large. The most amazing thing about the filter in Polaris is that it just requires a shake and spray method to clean the filter. The Polaris also includes an indicator that indicates when the canister is full of dirt and debris. both the cleaners also consist of a weekly timer which lets the user schedule the cleaning time. None of the cleaners stay back when it comes to being user-friendly.

Dolphin Sigma Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The top-loaded cartridges ensure ease of use for the consumers, as they can be easily accessed and cleaned
  • The inclusion of 3 motors ensures improved performance.
  • The swivel cable ensures swift movement of the cleaner without any stoppage in the cleaning cycle due to tangling of the cable
  • Moves with the latest technology of SmartNav, without repeating movement on already cleaned spots
  • The powerful dual scrubbing brushes are able to take care of even the most stubborn debris
  • The Feature of Bluetooth connectivity allows it to connect to a smartphone and get controlled through it
  • The weekly timer reminds the cleaner to clean on the scheduled days.
  • Includes an onboard gyroscope for alignment
  • The cleaner at times gets stuck at the steps of the pool
  • Unable to pick up certain particles of dirt
  • It Doesn’t come with a caddy for transportation

Polaris 9550 Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Includes easy lift system, the cleaner becomes easy to retrieve from the pool with just a press of a button
  • Has the feature of dirty canister indicator, allows the user to clean the canister only when it is full
  • Vortex vacuum technology delays debris for long-lasting cleaning
  • The handheld remote-control system uses motion sensing
  • The cleaner navigates using the ActivMotion navigation system which helps in complete coverage
  • The weekly timer reminds the cleaner to clean on the scheduled days
  • Comes with a caddy for storage and easy transportation
  • Doesn’t include an onboard gyroscope
  • Doesn’t come with a swivel cable, the cable gets tangled and stops the movement of the cleaner
  • No smartphone connectivity


In all, there cannot be one pool cleaner that will include all the features that one desires. Each of them comes with its own share of shortcomings and strengths. Similar is the case with these two pool cleaners. The Polaris 9550 comes with an amazing navigation system of ActivMotion, bladed brushes, and a newfound easy-lift feature. But at the same time doesn’t include a swivel cable or a gyroscope on board. The Sigma comes with the advanced navigation technology of SmartNav, onboard gyroscope, and smartphone connectivity. But lacks in terms of not coming with a caddy for transportation. It all comes down to what you choose for your needs. If you are someone who is fine with a cleaner without a gyroscope and smartphone connectivity then surely go with Polaris 9550 but if you can’t compromise on these features then Sigma is your choice.

FAQs (Must Read)

Polaris 9550

Q. Does the Polaris 9550 only offer one type of Canister filter?
A. No, there are other canister filters also available which the owner can use with the Polaris 9550. The options are a leaf canister with a coarse mesh and an ultra-fine sand/silt canister with fines mesh.

Q. What can be done to avoid cable tangling in the pool?
A. although the cable doesn’t come with a swivel cable one can still prevent tangling of cables with certain practices. To avoid tangling, do not open the entire length of the cable, unwrap only the length that is required for the cleaner to clean, and keep the rest outside of the pool.

Q. What can one do when the cleaner doesn’t climb the walls of the pool?
A. The main reason behind the cleaner being unable to climb the pool wall could be because the canister filter is full of dirt or hasn’t been cleaned previously. To make I climb again check the filter and spray it clean with the water.

Q. Why does the flashing light appear in the cleaner during the cleaning cycle?
A. the reason behind this could be because the cleaner might be sucking air. To stop this from happening takeout the cleaner from the pool and submerge the cleaner again.

Q. What to do when the cleaner is not settling properly in the pool?
A. The most apparent reason for this is that there is air in the appliance casing. To stop this from happening take out the cleaner from the pool and submerge it again.

Dolphin Sigma

Q. How to clean the debris trapped in the impeller?
A. If there is debris trapped in the impeller, to clean it all you need to do is dismantle the impeller then dismantle the cover. After that, clean around the impeller housing and then reassemble it.

Q. What to do when the pool cleaner stops moving?
A. The possible reasons for the pool cleaner to stop moving could be that some obstacle is blocking the impeller or the tracks of the cleaner. To make it start moving again, you check that nothing is in the way of the cleaner and if there is something then remove it.

Q. what to do when the Sigma is not sinking in the pool?
A. the main reason for this could be that the brushes are dry. For the cleaner to be able to sink in the pool you need o make sure that the brushes are completely wet after soaking them in the water.

Q. What to do when the cleaning efficiency has been reduced?
A. when the cleaner is not cleaning as effectively as before make sure that the filter bags are cleaned after each cleaning cycle. If the filter bags are clogged with dirt and debris then the cleaning efficiency reduces. You can also clean the filter bag in a dishwasher once every two months. 

Q. Should the cleaner be taken out after every cleaning cycle?
A. it is advisable to take the cleaner out of the water after every cleaning cycle to avoid accelerated wear and tear on its parts.

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