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How do pool heaters work?

The right temperature of the pool water is extremely important especially when you come home all tired after a long day at work and are craving for a relaxed pool time. During hot summer days, you would want the pool water to be cold. On the contrary, winter days require a warm pool environment. That said, nothing can match the kind of comfort and relaxation a warm pool brings in after a busy day. Many tend to purchase pool heaters without really having an idea as to how do they function. If wondering why is it important to know how do pool heaters work – well, it is because the knowledge gained will he you make a better decision, and also diagnose the problems better, if any.

Pool heaters are not available in just one type. Since there are different types of pool heaters out there, the working principle in each of the types is different. Hence, understanding how do pool heaters work requires adequate knowledge about the type of the pool heater.

In general, there are 3 different types of pool heaters –

  1. Solar pool heaters
  2. Gas pool heaters
  3. Electric pool heaters

The principle employed by each one of these is different, and so is the internal working.

Solar pool heaters – Quite evidently, these heaters make use of the solar energy to operate. Similar to the principle followed by other appliances that run on solar energy, solar pool heaters follow the same principle. What happens here is – the solar thermal panels are installed on your roof. In some cases, these panels are installed on the ground as well. The solar energy from the sun heats up the thermal panels. The pool water is pumped into the solar panels. As the water traverses through these panels, it gets heated up. In just about a few hours, the whole pool water is heated up.

Electric heaters – If you are looking for an alternative that would heat up your pool in considerably lesser time then an electric pool heater to your rescue it is! These pool heaters take as less as a few hours to get their job done. The main working principle followed here is – sucking the warm air from the outside of the pool and circulating this air through an air-evaporator coil. The warm air turns hotter in no time and ends up giving you the right warm pool temperature – just right for heating up the pool water.

Natural gas – Natural gas pool heaters also get done with the heating process in minimal time. It is within the combustion chamber that the gas is burned. This chamber, which gets heated, has a piping and it is through this piping that the cold water asses through and in turn becomes warm. This warm water is then returned to the p The reason why natural gas heaters heat up the pool in as less time as possible is because natural gas / propane burns faster.


Making the right decision pertaining to the type of pool heater relies heavily on a better understanding as to what are the different types of pool heaters available, how do they work, what features should be considered and so on. Yet another reason as to why one should be aware of how the pool heaters work is to know which one out of them all would be at for you – depending on your usage. This is because each of these heaters has a different working principle, different heating time, and so on.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Install a pool cover.
  2. A solar blanket could be used.
  3. Using solar rings is also considered to be an effective method to retain the heat of the pool.
  4. Installing wind blocks is also a proven method to keep your pool warm at night.

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