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How to vacuum a pool after flocking?

A pool in most cases is left open and hence is an open invitation for all the dirt, leaves, sand, etc. The algae that builds up is yet another area of concern. In some cases, the situation is so bad that the debris of the pool literally clouds up the water. This debris could be anything from algae to leaves to sand to even the tiniest dust particles. This is exactly when flocking the pool comes into action. Flocking is nothing but adding a chemical compound to the pool water. This chemical will bind with the debris of the pool and sink to the bottom. 

If you want to know how the entire process works and how to vacuum your pool after flocking, then this guide will help you get through this. The steps that you need to follow are – 

  1. Turn the pump off and add the flocking agent to your pool. This will cause all the dirt particles and debris to sink to the bottom of the pool which can later be vacuumed. 
  2. Check that the filter of the pool is completely clean. This is because you’ll have to run the pump for at least 24 hours. If the filter is dirty, clean it. Now, run the pump.
  3. After about 24 hours, the pool should have become a lot clearer. If your pool was unattended for quite some time then there might be some stubborn areas that you can see, especially on the walls. You might also find some leftover dirt, dust, algae, etc. on the bottom of the pool. This needs to be vacuumed.
  4. What you can do now is to connect your pool to that of a manual vacuum and start vacuuming. Start by attaching the vacuum head to the open end of the telescopic pole. Now attach one end of the hose to the top of the vacuum head. Place this unit into the bottom of your pool. With the pump and filter of the pool running, attach the other end of the hose against the return jet of the pool. That’s it. You’re all set to start vacuuming now. It is always advised to start vacuuming from the shallow ends and then reach to the deeper end of your pool. Taking long and slow strokes while vacuuming yields better results. 
  5. After all this, what you should be able to see is a clear, fresh and blue pool that’s sparkling with beauty.

Now that you’re done with cleaning the pool, do not forget to pay attention to the vacuum unit and your pool’s filter. They need to be addressed as well. Clear the filter basket and backwash if required. Remove water from the vacuum hose and you could also attach your cleaning brush to the pole that you employed for vacuuming and use it to scrub those stubborn sides of your pool from the algae, dirt and debris, if any.

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