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How to vacuum a pool with a cartridge filter ?

There are a wide range of pool cleaners that one can choose from. Each of them have a different working mechanism and their unique set of features. There are systems that employ a cartridge filter. The purpose of this is to trap minute dust particles. Some units have this cartridge filter in lieu of a mesh debris basket or equipped along with it. After getting done with the vacuuming aspect, you can remove the filter and basket and rinse it off for further usage.

Steps to vacuum

  1. The first step is to ensure that the pool’s basket is clean before starting with vacuuming the pool. Also, keep a check on the level of water in the pool. It should be high. If it’s too low then that affects the suction process.
  2. Now, you’ll have to place the vacuum far from the filter of your pool. For this, you’ll have to join the segments of the hose to reach the desired length. Ensure that the length is not too short. It should be good enough to cover the entire pool.
  3. After doing so, put the vacuum in the water. Allow it to submerge fully. Doing so will remove all the air from the hose. The reason why this needs to be done is that if there are air bubbles in the hose, then there are high chances that the vacuuming isn’t the way you expected it to be.
  4. The next step involves adapter fitting. This step varies from pool to pool. Some pools have this adapter in the middle of the pool. For some, the case might be that the adapter is inside the skimmer canister on the deck of the pool. Depending on your pool, you’ll have to proceed with the fitting. Some cases might also require an adapter fitting to be installed to make the connection.
  5. After all of this is catered to, turn on the filtration system of your pool. When you do this, you can check the speed of the wheels of the vacuum unit. You can do this by pulling the vacuum unit to the side of the pool. If you do not find the speed of the wheels convincing enough, you can change that as well. Follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer and adjust the system accordingly. All that you need to remember is that greater the flow of water in the pool’s system, faster will be the pace at which the wheels rotate. Make sure that they do not rotate at a very high speed as that would mean that the vacuuming isn’t proper. And extra attention has to be given to the fact that the wheels don’t rotate at a very slow speed as well. This is because if that’s the case then there could be a risk of damage. All in all, ensure that the speed is optimal. After the right speed is achieved, put the unit back into the pool and let it do its job.
  6. After vacuuming is done, remove the unit from the pool and disassemble the hose connections. Also, clean the vacuum so that it’s prepared for further usage.

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